Work in Concord

I have been proud to serve the past two terms on the Municipal and County Government Committee. This means I have been dealing with all bills related to towns, counties, and school districts and what they can and cannot do. It has been very interesting and engaging for me to serve on this vital committee. This committee is a good example of leaving partisanship at the door and working together with all representatives to pass good legislation in order to help the people of New Hampshire. I look forward to hopefully serving on it again in the future. For the past two years, I've served as Clerk of the committee, meaning I take all the minutes of our hearings and file the paperwork for all legislation. I take pride in knowing that my hearing minutes are some of the most detailed and thorough in the House!

My voting record

Here is a link to find my voting record from the past four years in Concord. I am more than happy to discuss the details of my votes -- please drop me a line! The State House website no longer directly links to voting records, but you should be able to search there. 

Bills I've Sponsored

During the 2019-2020 session, bills I sponsored and were passed into law: 

  • HB 427, relative to a protective order on behalf of a minor, AKA Jade's Law. See below for the full story, but we finally were able to prevail and close the loophole that prevented parents from protecting their kids! 

  • HB 350, an act to expand the authorization of therapeutic cannabis. Turns out, many people use a Nurse Practitioner as their Primary Care Provider, and the NH law as written excluded these people from being able to authorize someone as a qualified patient. I heard from community members that they've seen the same person for 20 years and it would be ridiculous to see someone new just for this, even if their NP wanted to authorize it. We changed the law and expanded healthcare access without spending a dime. 

  • HB 359, relative to warning labels on opiates. Thanks to this bill, all opiates prescribed in the state of NH will have much clearer warning labels and a different colored bottle. This helps quickly identify the opiates so mistakes aren't made by patients. 

  • HB 399, relative to the annulment of arrests or convictions for small amounts of marijuana. This allows those who have convictions to expunge their record now that possession for small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized. A small mistake made by someone when they were 19 should not be on their record for life, preventing them from accessing student loans, employment, etc. 

  • SB 142, requiring menstrual products to be provided in school restrooms. Period poverty is a real thing, and this bill was the idea of a high school student who saw that her fellow classmates were having to miss school because of a lack of access to menstrual products. This bill ensures that all student restrooms will provide products, just like they provide paper towels or toilet paper. 

In the 2017-2018 term, I was able to bring these bills forward: 

  • HB 1474, an act designating the New Hampshire Red as the official State Poultry. This bill was brought forward by the students of Ian Henry's 4th Grade class at Canaan Elementary School when they learned that there was a breed of chicken called the New Hampshire Red but it was not recognized by the state. They researched the breed and I filed the bill. The students testified before House and Senate committees and we are proud to say that the bill passed and was signed into law by Governor Sununu in June of 2018! I found this bill to be important for the students as they learned the process of how a bill becomes law and became incredibly engaged with their civic institutions. 

  • HB 1475, an act that would expand protective orders. It turns out there is a loophole in the process of being able to get a protective order for a child -- there is no adequate way for someone to have a protective order against someone who is abusing a child. We worked with the Child and Family Law committee, the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and New Hampshire Legal Aid to protect children from abusers. It was sent to Interim Study this past year because of the complex specific details needed to ensure that it would be done the right way, and we plan on bringing it back again in January. Read the Valley News article about what prompted the case and another article about why we're fighting to close this loophole. 

  • SB 511, an act that expands tax credits for our veterans in combat. If they are serving in an active duty capacity, towns now have the option to give them a break on their property taxes during that time. It is a small way to thank and recognize our men and women in uniform.